AVENGERS music: Iron Man takes a “One Way Trip” (Modern Scoring Strings Quick Test)

Here’s a super quick experiment to use AudioBro Modern Scoring Strings in a partial mockup of the cue “One Way Trip” by Alan Silvestri for the original Avengers film. To finish this excerpt you’d want to automate much much more.

0:00​ Intro
0:25​ MSS 1st half
0:54​ OTT
2:08​ MSS Soloists / First Chair
3:30​ MSS 2nd half
4:17​ Auto divisi, mod wheel
4:48​ Reference OST 2nd half
5:12​ Adding Forzo Horns
5:59​ R4 Reverb & Sound Toys Decapitator

PS – I left the overall sound a little too bright for the 2nd half of this video, even though I said “if I leave this on it will be too shushy” … well, I accidentally left it on after saying that! I would automate more if I was making a final version. OTT helps and I also have the brightness turned up on MSS.

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