December 7, 2016


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Our music has been detected recently on KUWTK episodes "Vegas Baby!", "Stacking The Deck", "Beauty Queen", "It Feels Good to be Home" and "In The Blink of an Eye"

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 Industry Praise

"btw, your drone collection is fantastic! It’s really hard to find drone material like this that is sparse and simple, yet moody and evocative. If you wanna do another 10, we’re interested." - VP, A&R at one of L.A.'s largest music libraries.

"So I have close to a 100 tracks waiting to be listened to and I skip over them and go to your tracks 1st. All your tracks work." - Co-Owner, Creative Director at a boutique L.A. music library specializing in pop, urban and orchestral.

"Sometime I have a quick look at stats for our catalogue. Turns out that you had the most downloads on the catalogue last week :)" - CEO at a highly selective Canadian music library with 300 artists, known for top quality and razor sharp focus on client needs.

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Latin Guitar Remixes

Hybrid Orchestral & Trailer

Dark And Haunting

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Investigative Tension

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