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Nathan David Carlton’s music was heard on MTV, HBO, CNBC, Bravo, E!, Nickelodeon, Netflix, The History Channel & The Food Channel in recent years. Highlights include over 40 episodes of MTV Challenge. Plus: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, VICE News, Dude Perfect, Total Bellas, Blood Money, American Greed, Astonomy Club, Atlanta Child Murders, Reasonable Doubt, Catfish, Family or Fiance, Vegas Cakes, Flipping Out, Amanda To The Rescue, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Hunt for the Zodiac Killer and Buried: Knights Templar and the Holy Grail.

We work with a variety of music libraries to supply music supervisors and ad agencies underscore, custom cues and sync friendly songs.

Musical Storytelling

As an accomplished deep house producer, DJ and dance music record label owner, Nathan Carlton (ASCAP) aka Soundbed regularly combines original electronic sounds with organic, acoustic instruments. His music and sound design has been used on networks from MTV, HBO and Bravo to Nickelodeon, Food Network and even BBC Radio 1; plus played on European top ten radio and featured in award winning dance and theatrical productions.

A music major at the Minnesota Arts High and Bard College, Mr. Carlton writes music for film and television, specializing in custom cues and songs in a handful of styles that require a blend of live instruments or voices recorded in the studio with synthesized or sampled instruments from the computer.

Carlton has produced original electronic music since the late 1980’s. His first DAW was Opcode’s Studio Vision Pro and his first studios were stocked with staple instruments like the Korg M1R and Yamaha TX802. He worked for 8 years at what is now called MakeMusic, the company that makes music notation software Finale. Carlton primarily helped test the educational software product SmartMusic in that position.

He also worked 80 hours a week recording and editing voice over content for educational multimedia at Mike Olson’s professional recording studio Intuitive. He has written music for 3 musical theater pieces and participated as a Director in Nautilus Music and Wesley Balk’s Opera/Music Theater Institute. He provided sound design for “The Dying Gaul” as performed by Hidden Theater featuring Brian Baumgartner from “The Office” and experimental dance piece “trickpony” by Sally Rousse (Cowles Center Artist in Residence) and many others from the thriving Minneapolis performing arts scene. He can sing and plays guitar, french horn, and piano.

Aaron Hart and Carlton co-created the digital label MEME (available on Traxsource and 400+ more outlets) and Aaron has gone on to launch vinyl label Minneapolis Exchange. Carlton produced and performed as a DJ five nights a week in the Minneapolis music underground house scene as Spur.

There are no photos of me sitting in front of the family’s dual cassette deck tape recorders, bouncing tracks “ping pong” style to create multi-track original compositions. There are no photos of me sitting in the music labs at my Junior high, Arts High School or College. I’ve asked people why they think no one took photos like this, and most have said that I spent so much time in those places, doing those things, that it didn’t seem out of the ordinary enough to warrant a snapshot. I guess I agree.

-Nathan Carlton (aka Soundbed)

Notable credits in the world of dance / club music

  • Grammy Nominated Jay-J remixed Carlton’s vocal topline “Share It,” a vocal house tune produced by Chuck Love (aka Charlie Erickson) [Large Music].
  • Paul van Dyk proclaimed Carlton’s vocal topline for “Drift Away” [Sog Chrome] his “track of the season”.
  • Vocal toplines “Blue on Blue” and “Identify” were picked up for dance and trance hit compilations by Armin van Buuren’s Armada and Sony/BMG.
  • “Blue on Blue” reached top ten radio playlists in Greece next to Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, U2.

Collaborators and Aliases

Collaborators include:Chuck Love (on “Share It” (remixes) and “Turn On” as Spur; both songs featured Nathan’s good friend, vocalist Jennifer Grimm), Stewart Keenan and Dale AndersonThe Cynic Project, Alucard and most recently Aaron Hart of Havens+Hart.

Other band names: The 49th Line (with Peter McCowan), The Cynic Project (with Alex Smith) and Domestic Disturbance (with Michelle McKibbon and Jonathan Carlile).

Primary aliases: Spur, CTRL+F and Soundbed. Other aliases as a vocalist include: ENDC, Nathan David, Nathan David Carlton, Nathan Carlton, Nathan C.

Turnaround (Single)

Buy Turnaround on Traxsource
Buy Turnaround on Traxsource

(Releases prior to 2008 listed at this link.)

If you’re interested, please buy Soundbed house music from the online DJ store Traxsource because they are fair to artists and true to the spirit of house music, or directly from the MEME store.

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