AudioBro MSS – cue excerpt from LUPIN by Mathieu Lamboley (Quick Test)

AudioBro MSS – LUPIN cue excerpt by Mathieu Lamboley (Quick Test)

0:00 Talking
3:49 My attempt with MSS & external FX
5:27 TV Version (no spoilers intended)
6:38 Soundtrack version with Solo Violin
8:55 Explanation of my attempt & FX
17:31 No melody (bottom 3 voices)
20:18 My attempt w/MSS again (w/EQ and FX)
21:43 My attempt w/MSS – Reverb only

mss audiobro
audiobro mss
modern scoring strings
audiobro modern scoring string
modern scoring strings audiobro
Mathieu Lamboley

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