December 7, 2016


For Music Projects

Explanations: 1. Complete Production - Fully produced song including songwriting, track production, recording, and mixing. 2. Track Production Only - I create the instrumental 3. Toplining/Songwriting - Lyric and melody creation 4. Mixing + Mastering - Treating already recorded songs 5. Remixes - Dance and EDM remixes of your songs 6. Vocal Features - Adding a singer to your song

For Placement or Sync

Do you need music?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us.

Soundbed (Nathan Carlton and occasional collaborators) is currently available to compose custom music for your project. Listen here.

We are:

  • Always 1-stop. We will provide one point of contact to administer rights for for any piece we submit to you, who represents all rights holders for that piece (composers, lyricist / performers).
  • Not a member of any musican's or composer's union.
  • Prompt and communicative.
  • Nathan Carlton is a member of ASCAP.
  • Often published by Spurfect Publishing.

Note: not every piece of music on these pages will necessarily be available when you contact us. Some have been sent to exclusive libraries. Those are kept here for portfolio purposes, and we would be happy to write many more in a similar style to meet your needs.